Melissa's Daycare!

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About the Providers

       My name is Melissa.
I am a mother of a daughter who is fifteen years old. I also have a dog and two cats. I have been running a day home for over 13 years now!  
I take pride in being a licensed Group Family Child Care Home.
I am well educated and see myself as a mentor and teacher for your children.
    My home is located in Brevoort Park only a couple of blocks from St.Matthews School. 
    I would like to take an opportunity to let the some of you who may not know
what me being a subsidized daycare means for you:
I follow all government appointed rules and regulations,
I underwent an intense screening process through the government which included
   reference and background checks, my home is completely
child-proofed and has been inspected and passed by the Fire Marshall, any dangerous items, such as knives or cleaning products are behind lock and key,
both my assistant and I have had complete police record checks done, and have taken both CPR and First Aid courses,
I have a First Aid kit in my home. I have finished three early childhood classes and have my ECE level 1,
I attend annual daycare related conferences,
I have at least the minimum requirement of play space for your children both inside and out,
I have interconnected fire alarms and practice fire drills,
all toys are safe according to CSA standards and my home is open
to surprise visits from a Government of Saskatchewan Child Daycare Representative at any time.
In conclusion, the main benefit of a subsidized daycare is not just the subsidy
but the quality care and strict regulations laid out by the government
to ensure the best care for your children and peace of mind for you.
I take pride in not only meeting the minimum requirements but exceeding them as well.

I am a member of both the Saskatchewan Early Childhood Assosiation as well as the Saskatoon Family Child Care Home Assosiation!

I scored 6.63 out of 7 for my yearly evaluation!

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