Melissa's Daycare!

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Sample menu


Sandwich on whole wheat bread with lots of veggies and meat and cheese
Whole wheat pasta with meat and tomato sauce, vegetables and cheese
Homemade pizza on whole wheat crust topped with veggies, meat and cheese
Tomato soup with tofu and cream served with whole wheat bun
Hummus and homemade pita chips with fruit and yogurt 
Chicken fingers with cheese bread and sliced cucumbers and carrot sticks
Lasagna made with whole wheat noodles, meat sauce, veggies and cheese
Stir fry of brown rice, veggies and meat or tofu
Bean soup with lots of veggies served with whole wheat bun and milk
Egg salad sandwich on whole wheat toast with lettuce, tomato and cheese
Tortillas- beans, salsa, lettuce, tomato, cheese
Tuna salad with apple and pickles served on raisin bread with milk
Chicken salad on a whole wheat bun with mixed veggies and milk
Ham and cheese salad (blended ham, cheese, celery, mayo and mustard) in 100% whole wheat pita served with sliced oranges
Whole wheat macaroni and cheddar cheese with peas
Vegetable soup with Peanut butter sandwich and milk

 Snacks and treats

Fruit kabobs with yogurt dip
Smoothies made with fruit and yogurt
Cheese, meat, crackers and apples
Apple with either peanut butter dip or cheese
Veggies and dip
Fruit cup and animal crackers
Rice cakes and cheese and oranges
Peaches and cottage cheese
Whole Wheat crackers and cream cheese and grapes
Homemade trail mix
Carrot muffins served with berries
Peanut butter and jam on 100% whole wheat toast with strawberries
Whole grain cereal with milk and bananas 
Bananas and yogurt with granola and pears
Cheese sticks, fishy crackers, raisins and apples
Melon slices and bagels
Graham crackers and applesauce 

All meals, snacks and treats will be served with a drink of water, milk or juice (only as a treat) as well as a serving of fruit or vegetables. All meals will be age and allergy appropriate. For example, all grapes will be cut lengthwise and if one child is allergic to peanuts no nuts or nut products will be served when that child is present.
I offer a low to no sugar and salt menu.
Treats are offered on occasion.
Children are encouraged but not forced to eat.

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